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Construction Update from Fairfield – Part 28

Posted by Steel Blogger on Apr 17, 2020 11:01:02 AM

Fairfield Tubular Steel Operations Team Travels to Germany for Steelmaker to Steelmaker Training

On March 7, team members from Fairfield Tubular Steel Operations (FTSO) traveled to Germany to attend Steelmaker to Steelmaker training in Kehl, Germany with Badische-Stahl Engineering GmbH (BSE). Although the training was cut short due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19, the team returned to Alabama with a new understanding of electric arc furnace (EAF) operations.

The training included multiple classroom sessions along with hands-on training in their manufacturing facility. The BSE facility is operating two electric arc furnaces, two ladle furnaces, and two continuous casters.


Fairfield Tubular Steel Operations team in Germany for Steelmaker Training
Above (left to right): Bob Eady, Christian Simpson, Matthew Jacobs, Don Drayton, Kevin Cook, Merle Schrader, David Harris, Scott Minor, James Humphries, Monte Wood, Keith Williams, Emmit Reynolds at the BSE facility.


The training kicked off with a company introduction and an overview of the personal protective equipment required for working in the steelmaking areas of the facility. From there, the team toured the scrap yard, which is the start of the EAF process. BSE uses gantry cranes for their scrap yard operation and they have dedicated scrap buckets for each furnace. The cars are controlled remotely by the scrap yard operator pulpit then handed off to the crane operator to maintain continuous visibility.


operator videos cameras
operator Human Machine Interface (HMI), a display used in control rooms
Above: Operator video cameras and operator Human Machine Interface (HMI). HMI is an interactive display used in control rooms to monitor and control the process.

Next, the team toured the plant to visit the electric arc furnace, continuous caster and rolling mill operations. The tour guide explained each process and they watched the operators at work.

operator control panel
ladle ready to tap
Above: Operator control panel and ladle ready to tap
Team visits the continuous caster pulpit
Team visits the continuous caster pulpit
Above: Team visits the continuous caster pulpit.
ladle gate maintenance
furnace slag pit
Above: Ladle gate maintenance and furnace slag pit.

Next, the team visited their central maintenance workshop. BSE’s maintenance group is responsible for maintenance for their entire facility. While visiting the workshop, the training included witnessing the repair of a damaged cooling panel. BSE technicians demonstrated the failure point on the panel and the repair process to return to operating condition. The team also visited the tractor shop and the furnace roof repair area of the facility.

Lathe and milling machine in maintenance workshop
Lathe and milling machine in maintenance workshop
Above: Lathe and milling machine in maintenance workshop
Lathe and milling machine in maintenance workshop
Above: Lathe and milling machine in maintenance workshop

Although COVID-19 travel restrictions required the Fairfield team to return home early, they returned with new knowledge of the EAF process to apply to Fairfield EAF operations.

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