Steel Talk - Electric Arc Furnace #1 Steelmaking Facility Construction Update

Construction Update from Fairfield - Part 21

Posted by Tubular Marketing on Oct 11, 2019 1:16:55 PM

In our first post for October, we are getting up close with some of the major components of our EAF. Read on to see our progress:

The image below is a closeup view of the furnace assembly.  The furnace will operate atop a tilt platform that allows molten steel to transfer into the preheated ladle for further processing.

EAF Furnace Assembly 100819

Closeup shot of the furnace on top of the tilt platform


Nearby, water pipes are installed. The large diameter pipe will feed cooling water to critical parts of the furnace to prevent overheating or malfunctions. The water is then returned to the water treatment plant for reuse once the temperature cools to the proper temperature.

Cooling Water Pipe Installation 100819 2

Installation of large diameter cooling water pipe


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